Rangers Vs Celtic – 12th May 2019

Come down to the Aurora for this clash. The game will be shown upstairs as there should be a good crowd.

Can the club please remind everyone, based on behaviour at last two old firm games, that the Aurora is our home for all games, and not just old firm games.

We have a fantastic relationship with the aurora and staff, and this is based on every week good behaviour from our members.
This means that smashing glasses, dancing on tables, kicking cars / phone boxes outside the pub is not on.

At this coming game, the staff will be throwing out anyone standing on or dancing on tables.

We’d also like to remind anyone who turns up too drunk that you run the risk of not getting in. The Aurora has to adhere to Sydney’s strict RSA rules, and whilst we get away with a lot more in there than any other pub in Sydney – please don’t get upset if you the staff refuse to serve you for being too drunk.