The Sydney True Blues are the official Rangers Supporters Club of the CBD area of Sydney being members of ORSA and registered with Rangers. Being linked to ORSA allows members to apply for tickets for matches when they are back home in Scotland.


The Sydney True Blues were officially formed on the 1st March 2012. The reason for forming the club was to fill the void that was missing for Rangers fans in the Sydney area. 

We have created an avenue for bears to show their support for the team not only on Old Firm day but throughout the season. We also noticed the need for a club that allowed all members to have a say in the direction of the club rather than be ruled by a few.

Our main aim was to establish a group and a venue that would be known as the home of all bears and one that regularly communicates events to all Rangers supporters. This is done via a number of mediums, therefore giving all supporters be they permanent residents, long-term visitors or those on holiday the opportunity to support our beloved club when they are in Sydney.

We have been fortunate to be able to continue and enhance the legacy left behind by the former Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club of Sydney and both clubs now fall under the Sydney True Blue Banner.

The Aurora Hotel has become the home venue for all Gers Supporters showing any match, at anytime and for any amount of people. The venue has supported the Club 100% and are therefore supported by us 100%.

We encourage all bears to bring yourself, your flags, your songs and your Rangers pride to our next match advertised on this site, on Twitter or on Facebook.

Contact us:

Club Secretary – Robert Kay – [email protected]

Club Treasurer – Gail Kay[email protected]

ORSA Rep – Graeme Collins[email protected]

Webmaster – Aimee Firkins – [email protected]